I am now using http://www.graphicall.org/110 2.65.9 Revision 54108. Part 1 of this document: http://www.scribd.com/doc/103227819/Test-Addons

As we passed through fast at part 1, let’s continue exploring the “add-ons” in blender:

I need building parts!

Here are the basic steps to get window, sove, balcony or stairs:

Enable “Add Mesh: Building Objects” after clicking “Testing” support level. Last step is choose “Add*Mesh*Building Objects” submenu.


After adding a example “Window” object, you can edit lots of settings from “Tool Shelf”.


* we can see a Turkish word “pencere” in the tooltip text.

Do you need pipe joints?

Enable “Pipe Joints” from “Community” support level at the user preferences window.


“Add*Mesh*Pipe Joints” select your needing.

Need better grass or hair in blender render…

“Object: Grass Lab” looks very nice for making faster hair/grass/fur.

There will be extra menus at “Tool Shelf” named “Fur Lab” and 2 more.


* Test Scenes are for very good to preview


Press F12…


Simple Preferences in Properties Menu

Enable “3D View: QuickPrefs”. Whenever you open “Properties” (press N in 3D window), you can change your settings quickly.


Very easy to toggle between your basic blender settings.

Want to make some hubbub!

When you need some random building or spaceship surface this may be a good practical solution:

Enable “Mesh: Discombobulator”. Select your mesh and press “Discombobulate” at the “Tool Self”.


* blender might crash

For example, add a torus to apply this effect. Tweak some settings and get something like this:


simple torus to be an alien ship:


After some crashes, i did this!

* Your original object is still there as a backup.