I am using http://www.graphicall.org/793 2.63.17 Revision 48964. This is 64 bits and has a lot of “addons” ready inside of this rar file.

When you download an “Addon” you need to extract it in “blender/2.63/scripts/addons”. Then enable it in the “Blender User Preferences” Addons tab. You can also use “Install Addon…” menu too.

After opening blender, press Ctrl*Alt*U shortcut to get this preferences window. There are many  official and community approved addons. When we click “Testing”  , we will see many more addons. These are not stable but we will test them here.  means WIP – work in progress…

If you like an addon a lot and always see it in action, click “Save As Default” in this preferences window, or File*Save User Settings:

If you want to reload the default factory file, use File*Load Factory Settings menu.

Here we have an Error screen when something goes wrong, this means what you understand:

(* i am using “Modo” theme here)

1) Let’s Make Rocks 

Check “Addons*Testing*Add Mesh:Rock Generator”. Now we can add a new mesh type: Rock…
You will see a simple “Add Rocks” panel for settings. Press F6 for this floating menu.

I am not going to tell every settings, but I like a checked “Generate materials”. “Number of rocks: 1” is also useful and makes unique rocks. Look at the nice presets; ice, sandstone…

 Object mode Rendered

An asteroid is made with a few clicks!

2) Let’s Make a City 

Enable “3D View: Suicidator City Generator”. It closes uses preferences, don’t worry.

City Generator is a simple addon, it is placed in the Tools shelf (T shortcut). You can continue by clicking “BUILD CITY”…

For more settings click “Set city options”.

After it reaches %100 click “Exit”… 

I made some changes, added 2 sun lamps (1st gives shadow, 2nd is for a blue fill) and set GLSL shading…

It looks nice for a start scene!  a closer view… What happened to the roads?

3) Why don’t we have ready materials!

No worries, we have lots of material libraries. Filter the addons using these words: “Material Library”.

Come to the Properties*Material and switch to “Cycles Render”… For now we will have 11 categories… Click the “arrow” sign to see the submenu.

hmm, food! (I had an error from this point.)

Let’s try something else, select your mesh and add a new material, we are still in Cycles.

We have a new material library here. Click “Categories”… If you see nothing, click “Reload”, then it should work.

After selecting a category, click  to filter. When the material is good for you click “Apply”…

Basic Metal, Organic Orange and Bloom (100 samples, CPU, Time: 1 minute)

Here we have a wood and an Alien Chrome in “Blender Render”… If this is not working try to enable one addon each time for the right rendering engine.

4) Let’s Align! 

Like in Powerpoint or other programs, we may need an easier way to align multiple objects.  In the Tools shelf, you can nicely position many objects as Location, Rotation and Scale…

Top view, Orthographic, Last object is on the right top.

Align Location: X…, hmm what about the distance?

5) Is there any Ruler? 

Yes, you will find it in the “View” (N shortcut) menu. 

6) Let’s Make a Cave 

I added “Mesh*Metaball Cave”, checked “Lights”, Iterations 32, Resolution 1, Chaos 1: 

Let’s go in this cave, you can enable smooth and put some subsurf too. Press Shift F to fly inside!

I am leaving here for now; I think you understand the main point. Choose an Addon, find if there are any settings and use it happily!

My blender docs: http://www.scribd.com/collections/3762369/blender-docs